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Fuselage frame details


Learn the tecnique of modelling a metal frame fuselage in wood here

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Kaiser Ka-8B
Cliff displays his Ka-8 model prototype

This training and club sailplane is basically a single-seater version of the tandem two-seater Ka7; designed by Rudolf Kaiser, it also owes something to the Ka 6 series but has a simpler structure, very similar to that of the Ka 7, which makes it suitable for amateur
the two forms of canopies
Below - the fuselage showing the glassfibre nose cone
construction. It has good flying characteristics and is useful in weak thermal conditions making it ideal for club use. The prototype Ka 8 made its first flight in November 1957 and over 1,100 have now been built in three main versions; in its original form the Ka 8 had a very small cockpit canopy, the second version had windows in the sides of the cockpit for improved visibility (see Vincent Besancon site for pictures ), and the third version, the more usual Ka 8B, has a larger one-piece blown Plexiglas canopy under which the pilot sits.

The cantilever high wings are single-spar structures of pine and plywood, with a plywood leading edge torsion box and fabric covering aft of the spar; their forward sweep is 1o 18' and dihedral is 3o. There are Schempp-Hirth air brakes in the upper and lower surfaces and the wooden ailerons are plywood covered. The cantilever tail unit is of similar construction to the wings, with ply-covered fixed surfaces and fabric-covered rudder and elevators, and a trim tab in the elevator is an optional fitting. The fuselage is a welded steel tube structure, with fabric covering over spruce longerons and a glassfibre nose cone. There is a non-retractable and unsprung monowheel, with no brake, and a nose skid mounted on rubber blocks in front of it, plus a steel spur at the tail.

Download a set of detail photos from here

Ka 8 3 view - click to enlarge

Below are example models built from Cliffs' plan

Span 15 m
Length 7.0 m
Height 1.57 m
Wing Area 14.15 m©
Aspect Ratio 15.9
Wing Section Göttingen 533/532
Empty Weight 190 kg
Max Weight 310 kg
Maximum L/D 27:1
Stalling Speed 29 kt
Minimum Sinking Speed 0.65 m/s
Max. Rough Air Speed 70 kt
Never Exceed Speed 108

Download Schleichers Ka 8 brochure below