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ka8 electrified

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Jolly Roger
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Re: ka8 electrified

Postby Jolly Roger » 14 Jul 2017, 22:12

thankyou very much gents
its really helpful , will have a look at the turnigy
as im a nitro dinosour so understand that bit
is it around 100 w per lb i need ?
or could i get away with 70w per lb
thanks again for all your help
Not wishing to contradict others, but I think 70W/lb is plenty for your relatively lightly loaded, high-lift sectioned model, providing the prop diameter is reasonable and the grass isn't too long. My 30lb Super Cub leaps into the air on <70W/lb. Go for 100W only if you want a healthy safety margin of power, but either move up to 8s+ or if sticking with 6s remember the batteries/ESC/motor will have to deal with 100A.


mick a
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Re: ka8 electrified

Postby mick a » 15 Jul 2017, 09:00

Thank you gents
I was trying to get pic on but all to big

Not too big by any means, not sure why you had a problem. BC

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Re: ka8 electrified

Postby MarkDev » 17 Jul 2017, 21:52

Some figures to play with:- 1/3 Ka6e, X motor 54/14 (Topmodel) with extended shaft, 6S 5300mah lipos (2 X 3S), 15X8 prop, 1554W powering 9.5kg glider = plenty of lift.

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