Turbocad tutorial

If you need help on creating or dealing with a plan in dxf or other formats, then this is the place to ask.
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Turbocad tutorial

Postby C.olson » 06 Feb 2016, 20:43

Hi everyone,
Iv yet to get to grips with my turbocad in fact truth be told iv barely played with it yet as any spare time I get I'm model making instead ! But I did recently come across some very in depth and extremely well composed tutorials that could be worth checking out if your struggling like me.
Check out legacycncwoodworking.com and check out his videos you won't find better free training anywhere (believe iv looked)


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Re: Turbocad tutorial

Postby Otakar » 05 Apr 2017, 17:38

not sure which version you have but I have been using Turbocad for about 15+ years now. I even bought it to use at work. If you do 2D than as far as i am concerned, there is none better and simpler. I am all self taught just by playing with it. As the versions get newer, it has gotten better and in many ways simpler. If you plan on doing nothing but 2D plans than the simplest and least expensive "designer" is the best. It will do everything you will ever require in 2D.

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