Scale Soaring UK

Who are we?

We are a group of people with interests in Radio Control Large Scale gliders and Sailplanes and Tugs. If you have interest in the following, then why not join in with our discussions on the forum. Maybe you can even help others with your views and ideas.

  • Slope Flying
  • Thermal Flying from Winch
  • Aerotowing

    Please note, this is a non-commecial, non-profit site.


Just a few of our plans available to members

What does it cost?

Nothing in this world is free. – The site and forum is maintained by volunteers but financed through donations made by members. The size of the donations vary and are entirely up to the individual as to how much they wish to contribute. One of the bonuses of contributing is that you get access to all the plans that are available. When you join the forum, you will not get instant access to the plans, we do expect some contribution, not financial, although that would be great. it is expected that you contribute towards any of the ongoing discussions or, start your own discussion. This way you will gain access to all the available plans on the site. All we ask is that any plans you download are for your own personal use.

Plans are being downloaded by individuals sometimes 10 at a time by people that are not contributing to the site in any way. We have made the decision to take the Plans offline. They are now only available to Gold Members of the forum. It is not too much to ask that you contribute to the forum in some way. People have put a lot of time and effort into this site to make it what it is so please respect this and do not take advantage. We DO NOT ever let the DXF files out, please do not ask for them.

Do I have to join?

Membership is not required unless you want plans, full plans sets are only available to members and those that contribute to the site.  We are not a Club and if you are already a member of one, we would expect you to remain there. Of course there are many modellers who fly alone and do not have a Club, so here you will find a site for support and encouragement.  You may be surprised to find others in your part of the country that you were unaware of!

lcs jilles smits super bowlus scale glider

Super Bowlus 1/2.5 scale

Under development.

Can I contribute to the site?

If you feel you would like to add to this site, either send the pages ready prepared, or if you prefer, you can send me a Word document which I will convert for you. Topics can include reports on events, building articles, or anything else connected with our hobby. We have also started to take donations towards the running of the site and forum. The server costs are not cheap! There is a donation link at the top of the forum, or you can click here to make a donation.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend you have insurance at all times. A comprehensive insurance is available through the BMFA and third parties and it is a mandatory requirement at any organised events to show proof of such insurance

Jilles Smits Kirby Kite

Jilles Smits K-8b

Jilles Smits K-8b


lcs-jilles smits horton

Jilles Smits Horton III

Slingsby Gull 1:3 scale ¦ Karakan 1:3 scale
Slingsby T-13 Petrel 1:3 scale ¦ Siren C-75 Silene 1:4 scale ¦ Slingsby T-49 Capstan 1:4 scale ¦ Pilatus B-4 1:3 scale ¦ Schleicher Ka-7