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by Noël Rumers

The ASK14 single seat motor glider was designed by Rudolf Kaiser and constructed by Alexander Schleicher in Poppenhausen (Germany) at the Wasserkuppe.

The design started around 1965 with the development of the K11, followed by the prototype K12, which resulted ultimately in the series production of the ASK14 with a first flight in 1967.  A total of 62 units where built. The layout for the concept was the KA6E glider, one of the most successful gliders in this period of wood and spruce construction.

The wing with laminar profile and all moving tail assembly were reused, with deviations in wingspan reduced from 15 m to 14,3 m and brake spoilers instead of the Schempp-Hirth air brakes. The fuselage, in order to house the engine, was a complete new design; a low-wing configuration of mono-coque construction with bubble canopy and a retractable mono wheel landing gear. The engine is a Hirth F10, 4 cylinder 2 cycle engine of 19 KW equipped with a Hoffman variable pitch propeller and manual starter to save weight.

The fuel tank in glass-fibre is positioned behind the pilot enclosed in a protective steel frame.

With an empty weight of 245 kg and a maximum of 360 kg in flight, the performance in motor and glider mode were of a good standard at the time.

Under power, climbing is 2,75 m/sec at 95 km/h while gliding has a sink rate of 0,75 m/sec at 72 km/h with a best gliding factor of 28 at 82 km/h.

At its time the ASK14 was one of the best and most elegant motor gliders.  Its career was shortened by the advent of the fibreglass technology enabling superior performances.

3 view below by permission of Martin Simons from his book "Sailplanes 1965-2000"


Technical data:


14,30 m

Landing gear:



6.65 m


 1 wheel retractable

Empty weight

245 kg



Max. weight

360 kg



Best glide ratio

28  with stopped engine

Construction method:



Naca Wortmann Joukowsky


 Wood /glass epoxy


F 10 K 1a and /or Rotary engine


 Wood / fabric

Max. speed

140 km /h


 Wood / fabric

Cruising speed

110 km / h


2,5 m/sec.





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Photos:    Die Schönsten Motorsegler

                 Drawing M. Simons

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Photographer - Klaus Brunswicker

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