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The Monnett Moni

by Noël Rumers

The Moni is one of the many types of home built aircrafts developed by John Monnett. It is a personal motor glider and more. The Moni incorporates good soaring performance , sport aerobatic capability and Sunday flying enjoyment.

It is light, quickly trailerable, extremely easy to build, maintain and fly. It is an economy leader in that it can fly at 120 mph on about two gallons of gas per hour or have a cruse of 80 mph on less than a gallon per hour. The KFM 107 engine has an electric start for effortless motor gliding. The Moni stalls at 38 mph and has a glide ratio of 20 to 1. 

This Moni was original sold with one wheel under the fuselage. Later a tri-gear Moni was built and at the end a two wheel version with normal tail wheel. The glide ratio however dropped to 18 to 1 with the special wheel pants. A complete kit was in the 80’s only $6000.00. This included engine, instruments, formed and moulded parts, even all necessary welding was finished for you. Average building time was 300 to 400 hours.

3 - view drawings - more available here

Technical data:


8.38 m Landing gear:


4.57 m Main 1 / 2 / 3 wheel

Empty weight

117 kg Tail 1 / 1 / 0 wheel

Max. weight

225 kg Wing 2 tip wheels

Best glide ratio

20 ( 18 ) Construction method:


 FX 61 – 140 mod. /Monnett Fuselage All aluminium/epoxy


KFM 107 2 cyl.   22hp. Wing All aluminium/epoxy

Max. speed

192 km / h Tail All aluminium

Cruising speed

176 km / h  


---  Propeller: Fixt wooden prop.



Information:  Monnett  experimentl aircraft, incl.

Photos:     Noël Rumers


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