Akaflieg München Mü23 Saurier

Two morer Free plans from SSUK
with thanks to Brian Halkett and Fred Guilfoyle

The 4 and 5 meter model plans of the Saurier are part of a building project on the RCGroups forum where detailed information to help create this model can be found. Documentation can be found on the Wikipedia website and a link to the page is below on the right of this web page

Shown above is Fred Guilfoyle's original 4 meter version of the M

Documentation for the Saurier can be found on Wikipedia
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In 1957, the Akaflieg started with the motorglider project Mü23 'Saurier' (saurian), being the groups' second motorglider after the Motormerlin (Mü13M). It had a slow Mü-profile and thus was capable of taking off at very low speed (less than 50km/h), enabling the Mü23 to operate off extremely short runways. Following difficulties encountered with a VW1200- and a Brändl-ZB700-engine, a Volkswagen1500N engine provided satisfying performences. The Mü23 was popular with the Akaflieg pilots and participated in various competitions where it won several prizes. Today, the 'Saurian' has been overhauled after being grounded for years.

The plans are supplied for two diiferent sized models. Select your choice below

Links to assist the build:-

In support of this plan, Noël Rummers has provided these copies of the original factory drawings for download