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Scheibe SF-25 E 'Superfalke'

Information supplied by Noël Rumers

After some major changes on the SF 25 C Falke, e.g. a stronger engine, a 2-wheel main landing gear and aerodynamic changes to the engine cowl, were made the desire for better soaring capability came.

Only with the further development from the SF25 C Falke to the SF 25 Super Falke, the result of best glide ratio was taken up from 24 to 29. This glide ratio was achieved by  aerodynamically better transition wing – fuselage, the gear covers where enlarged and the span was enlarged with 2.7m to 18m.

The large span was a problem to hangar this plane so the wing got a folding construction. Each wingtip folds down with 4m so the rest span is only 10m.

The fuselage is a cloth covered, welded steel tube construction. Wing, elevator and rudder are a wooden construction also covered with cloth. The inner section of the wing has two supporting wheels, so the folded wing E-Falke motor glider can easily be handled on the ground.

 3 - view drawing

Technical data:


18,00 m

Landing gear:


7,50 m


1 wheel version
Empty weight

440 kg


1 wheel / none
Max. weight

650 kg


Best glide ratio

29  with engine stopped


Mü  ( Scheibe )

Construction method:


Limbach SL /  L       65 to 80 PS


Steel tubes
Max. speed

190 km /h


Wood / fabric
Cruising speed

150 km / h


Wood / fabric

2,3 m/sec.



2   next to each other


Adjustable/  Fixt

Information: Falkenhorst

Die Segelflugzeuge und Motorsegler der Welt



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