The Vickers-Slingsby T-61B & E Falke (1977)

[Air Training Corps codename - "Venture"]

Models built from Cliffs Plan

Sales Brochure Scheibe SF-25B

For many years now most gliding clubs have had at least one two-seat motor glider for training purposes. Use of such an aircraft gives clubs the opportunity of speeding up training, dispensing with winch and retrieve vehicles and of cutting down on ground handling. It also makes possible the continuation of training and indeed of flying in all weather conditions which would otherwise preclude the launching of motorless sailplanes.

Air Training Corps cadets used to use the two-seat T.21 Sedburgh and T.31 Tandem Tutor for the limited training they received, however, there was a move to equip them with motor gliders and Vickers-Slingsby developed the T.61E especifically for this purpose as their first motor-glider.

The T.61 was a German design originally built by Scheibe as the successful SF-25B Falke powered by a Rollason-Volkswagen 1,600 cc 35.8kw (48 hp) engine. It was built under licence by Slingsby from 1970, and a total of 35 were completed. The T.6lE is an improved version featuring a glassfibre main spar encased in plywood which simultaneously reduced the empty weight and increased the maximum take-off weight. Many other glassfibre components were used in the aircraft, including a new seat designed to improve comfort and to reduce the hazard of loose articles slipping under the seat into the control area.

T.61B Falke DATA

Wingspan 15.3m
Wing area 17.5 m2
Aspect ratio 13.4:1
Fuselage Length 7.6 m
Empty weight 375 kg
Max. flying weight 612 kg
Wing loading 33.63 kg/m2
Minimum Sink 1.0 m/s
Best Glide 22
Max level speed 80 kts
Stalling speed 33 kts
Rate of climb 400 ft/min
Range 400 km
Take off run 200 m

A Pilot Magazine report on the improved T-61E (pdf file)

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Cliff Charlesworth says

"It makes a very nice model which has a fantastic gliding performance,unlike it's full size brother. Many examples have been made, most with I.C. engine power but some have also been made for electric."

Factory Drawings

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