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Alexander Schleicher ASK-13 (1966 - 1980)

Schleichers' Brochure for the ASK-13

3 view with control throws
The ASK-13 is a two-seat tandem trainer designed by Rudolf Kaiser and was a development of the earlier Ka-7. The fuselage was a fabric covered steel tube frame with wood stringers and fiberglass nose. The wings and tail were of wood and fabric covered. Both the ASK-13 and Ka-7 use the same swept forward wing fitted with top and bottom airbrakes, but on the ASK-13 it has been moved to the mid-wing position. The one piece canopy was improved to give much better pilot visibility, particularly for the instructor in the rear seat and opened to the side, however the performance improvements were only marginal.

The landing wheel is fixed and sprung with rubber cones, and the glider has, in later models, a nose wheel instead of the skid.

After Schleicher ceased production following the production of 618 units, the sailplane was license-built by Jubi GmbH of Oerlinghausen, Germany, where another 80 machines were built. The production lists for the ASK-13 can be found here

The ASK 13 in Europe has been the workhorse of many training associations, due to it's robustness, but is slowly being replaced by the ASK-21

Large detailed Factory Drawing

Wing Span 16.0 m
Wing Area 17.50 sq. m
Aspect ratio 14.6
Airfoil Go 535/ 549
Empty weight 290 kg
Gross weight 480 kg
Wing loading 27.43 kg. / sq. m
L/D 27 90 kph / 49 kt / 56 mph
Min. sink 0.81 m/s

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