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Fauvel AV-36 plans & Kit

This from Ray Jones of the Clwyd Soaring Assosciation:--

The AV 36 is the Gordon Waite design which first appeared in Silent flight ,Spring 1992 of course this magazine no longer exists but the plan No RM 402 can be obtained from Argus Publications. The plan as it currently exists needs to be updated with a ' modern day ' radio installation as the plan shows loads of cables to the ailerons and rudders , it would be more sensible to incorporate individual servos for each of these control surfaces and make the model much easier to rig , the outer wing panels are joined to the centre section using elastic bands but this also could be improved , I think most who decided to go ahead and build it would consider all these ' mods ' anyway .

Flying wise it is really stable and is capable of flying in very light lift , I am looking forward to aerotowing the 36 when the weather gets a little better.

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Wingspan: - 3,00m

GfK fuselage, wheel casing, Canopy frame + canopy, 3-view and plan.

Download this 1:4 scale French plan of the AV36.
(Both these files are 7.1 Mbytes)