The Fafnir
A life history of a 1930's German Sailplane and of it's pilot, Günther Groenhoff

A decade of research by
Vince Cockett

Fafnir - A 1:3.5 scale model

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These plans have been UPDATED to reflect new information about the original glider. The changes are many, but mainly:

All the fuselage formers have a modified cross section
Wing centre section on the fuselage now has a pylon added to the rear
This centre section has been significantly reduced in width
The wings have been extended at the root to incorporate that lost on the fuselage
Rudder shape has been redrawn
Ribs tidied up
+ + +

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Plans for a radio control model (5.5M span) of the famous German glider. These drawings are available free of charge for the benefit of the modelling community. Charges may only be made by third parties for printing, cost of storage media and handling.

Here are a few photos taken during the build. It is not a true build log,
however, it will give you an indication of the build stages. Click the image below.

Watch this flight of the model produced by Christian of the French Retroplane forum: