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DFS Reiher plans

A model plan by Cliff Charlesworth - DFS Reiher II
1/4 (4.75m) scale replica of the famous pre-WW2 vintage gull wing German sailplane. This is one for the enthusiast who loves building. Three large sheet plan.

All of Cliff Charlesworth's plans as well as kits and canopies of these

models are available from Laser Cut Sailplanes

The method of skinning the fuselage can be found here

THREE FREE plans are available for download.

Click the images below to download each sheet

This first plan from Jim Ealy

The plan has been drawn by Jim Ealy of the United States who ihas been a well respected modeller over many years. Jim runs a modelling business in Pennsylvania and you can visit his website at

I am priveledged to have be allowed to host his plans on this website.

Jims plan is 1:6 scale at approximately 3.15 meters

The second plan from RCGroups

This model is scaled to a span of 3.1 meters

The third plan is again from RCGroups

This time for an old Free Flight model with a span of 1.9 meters (75inches) which would make a nice small R/C soarer

Available on-line from Neklar-Verlag in Germany are these two plans with differing scale

Mike Smart Designs in the UK provides a plan for a 1/6 scale