Types of controlled airspace

Aerodrome Traffic Zone – (ATZ)

In brief – generally all airfields have controlled airspace (ATZ) around them located at a point in the center of the runway and with a radius from that point of 2.5 n.miles from surface level up to aduo discus sailplane height of 2000 ft. This is the most basic type of airspace to be found and is active during the hours of operation of the airfield. The following links are to maps produced by the CAA as a notifying document to pilots. See also CTZ below

Control Zones (CTZ), including Special Rules Zones (SRZ)

These exist to increase the size of the controlled airspace around an aerodrome and apply from the surface to a specified height.

Control Areas (CTA) Terminal Control Areas (TMA)

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Sections of airspace which either sit on top of a Control Zone to extend even further the airspace to allow for aircraft climbs and descents between the aerodrome and the en-route control sector. These exist from a specified height above the suface and upwards and are invariablt too high for our concern being generally above 2000 feet.
In order to give you a reference to all the airspace which may affect you, I have created an overlay of all the UK airspace below 2000 feet which will allow you to determine with great accuracy the effect this airspace may have on your flying (-See the sample image below-). Although every attempt has been made for accuracy, if you are intending to fly close to an airfield and are in any doubt, contact the airfield adjacent

RED zones are restricted from the surface upwards
GREEN zones are restricted from 1000ft upwards
YELLOW zones are restricted from 1500ft upwards

NOTE: Some military zones are bounded by a ghosted image showing a much larger zone. These areas are of high speed aerial activity which are NOT true regulated areas and are available for use. However, it may be wise to notify the local airfield of your presence.

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