An Answer to Building Straight ?

from Ian Davis

When I was in France recently I managed to find a modeling mag. that included a plan for an Illushyin IL2 (smelly and noisy I’m afraid). It’s not a large model but the fuselage has a circular cross section. Knowing my ability to build bananas I hit upon what I think is a novel Jig board 1

I’ve attached some pictures which illustrate the concept which could be used on any model where jigging is useful.

The main members are 3″ x 2″ timber (used for stud walling) and the deck is Hardboard. The whole lot cost less than £5 from B&Q .build board 2

All that is needed is to cut a piece of hardboard to accomodate the widest former and to the required length. Mark the Centre Line and former position then cut slots to take the formers. The hardboard surface provides a flat surface for a chosen datum longeron. With the width of, say a K18, the hardboard is stiff enough not to bend crosswise. Once the formers and the first longeron are assembled the wooden straps across and on top of the longerons keeps the whole thing board 3build board 4build board 5

As well as ensuring that the fuselage is straight you are able to work on the top or bottom by virtue of the support legs it also provides a great in build storage system. Once the fuze is built then the support structure on the open slot side is removed which allows the fuze to be withdrawn from the jig. Clearly the area obstructed by the jig itself has to be completed after it is removed.

Et Voila.!!………build board 6