Three free plans are available for download.

This first plan from Jim Ealy

The plan has been drawn by Jim Ealy of the United States who ihas been a well respected modeller over many years. Jim runs a modelling business in Pennsylvania and you can visit his website at http://www.vintagesailplaner.com/

Plan 2

Plan 1

We are priveledged to have be allowed to host his plans on this website.

Jims plan is 1:6 scale at approximately 3.15 meters.

[download id=”5955″]

he second plan from RCGroups

This model is scaled to a span of 3.1 meters



[download id=”5962″]

The third plan is again from RCGroups

This time for an old Free Flight model with a span of 1.9 meters (75inches) which would make a nice small R/C soarer.

[download id=”5966″]