A Glider Cradle

by Vince Cockett

cradle 1cradle 2

Pictures show my 1/4 scale HP-18 on the cradle (click to enlarge these images)

If you are at all like I used to be, always having to put my new glider onto the workshop floor

to practice rigging it up
carry out various construction / alignment checks
holding the glider prior to balancing if using a sling
carrying out post flight adjustments
setting up control throws
checking retract system operations

you will almost invariably have had cause for concern over the possibility of scratching your lovely new project.

Whilst reading one of the many forums on the Internet, I came across one persons idea to create a simple cradle to support his models. I realised that this had some merit and set about to produce my own. With this cradle you can hold your model at any angle in order to carry out work.

The method is simple, extremely easy to make and lightweight enough for you to carry to the flying site.

The cradle is built from 40mm domestic plastic waste pipe using the joint system that requires adhesive. The final dimensions of the ends of the cradle are set by the size of the joints themselves, the length is up to you but I have indicated on the picture below the size of my own. To make it more portable, the horizontal rails between the end sections are held in place with self tapping screws to aid disassembly. Finally pipe insulation is used to cushion the cradle.

cradle 3


all for 40mm waste pipe

4 – right angle bends
4 – 135 degree bends
4 – T-joints
2 – cross type
1 – length of 40mm pipe
1 – length foam pipe insulation

Do you want to take this further. Well, how about turning it upside down and by placing a board across the top with two pipe clips attached, it can be clipped on and used as a seat!!