LET L-23 Super Blanik

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by Noël Rumers Vince Cockett

World’s most respected and popular two-seater trainer glider, the Blanik, is also available in the improved version: the L 23 Super Blanik.

The original L 13 Blanik, almost 3000 units were produced, was build in the LET factory since 1956.

The new L 23 retains the excellent flying and maintenance characteristics of the L 13 Blanik, while the visibility and handling were further refined. One of the improvement are the T-tail for less damage during out landings, the swivelling tail wheel and the new canopy for better visibility with a lower entry of the cockpit because this was cut out deeper then the L 13. The L 23 is also an all-metal, two- seat, self supporting high wing glider. Due to the all-metal construction it has a excellent service life of 6000 hours. Now the wings are foreseen to build an one meter extension on both sides for better performance.

The L 23 has been sold to many countries over the world just like the famous L 13.

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