There is currently 1 plan available, designed by Cliff Charlesworth.  the plan is 1/4 scale and has been around many years and modellers throughout the world have had hours of joy in both building and flying this model.  Plan and short kit are available from Laser Cut sailplanes here:

Here are some examples of the model.

cliffs oly 1

Cliff original Oly as featured on the front cover of his book

oly model 3

Model built by Peter Balcombe from Cliffs Plans

There will be a new 1/3 scale plan from Jilles Smitts of the Olympia available as a free download as soon as the plan has been proven the short kit will be available from Laser Cut sailplanes

You can find a log of the beta build for this model here:

3-view model[download id=”3587″]