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Tow Line glider end

Be kind to our tug pilots, we cant do without them.
Jonathan Smith
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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by Jonathan Smith »

Guys you have been most generous with your comments. I really have got it’s sorted now. It’s like this. Build glider. Travel to aero-tow meet. Don’t take any loops with you. Have a great days flying and go home with everybody else’s loops. Great success.

Looking forward to next year.


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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by RobbieB »

This boy will go far..............

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Ray Watts
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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by Ray Watts »

The other consideration is the servo for the release. Never use a standard one. I would say at least 10kg pull servo and not a slow one. When you've caught a wing tip and flipped over and are being dragged along the grass upside down by the tug, you need your release to be quick and positive to get out of that one......just saying 🤣
It's always calmer indoors :D

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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by SP250 »

I can vouch for Ray's comments above.
Had a powerful servo on the release, but it was a retract servo and very slow.
Was just looking at the DG 600 wreckage in the loft the other day and wondering if repairs were worth the time and effort.

John M

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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by Barry_Cole »

Yes, a retract servo is a bit on the slow side, but the longest time by far is pilot reaction, and operating the switch...

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)


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Re: Tow Line glider end

Post by simon_t »

If you’re lucky enough to be towed by Ray he will already have flicked the release switch on the tug before most glider pilots have even realised they are in trouble! He has superhuman tug (and other piloting skills), and is also pretty handy with a barbecue... Hopefully we can get him out of prolonged hibernation next season :D


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