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Post by barrieburton34 » 05 Jul 2018, 14:04

I have aquired a 2.2M Wilga,part finished,glass fuz,tail etc.but no wings.It could be an early Airworld kit (the glazing has yellowed).I have to make a new wing for it,no great task for me,I hope,but I note that most of the RC Wilgas do not incorporate the full span slat.Question is it worth the effort of building the slat or do I stick to a fully flapped Clark Y ish airfoil.I could of course use the NACA section as per original.Any suggestions please,clean ones.

Barrie Burton

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Re: Wilga

Post by simon_t » 05 Jul 2018, 18:17

I suspect the reason most Wilga tugs don’t have the slat is that it will add drag and slow down the tow speed on an aircraft that is already quite ‘draggy’. Would also need more care in the event of engine failure, to avoid getting on the back of the drag curve and either stalling or suddenly finding a high sink rate near the ground, with little speed or energy to achieve the round-out. Good luck with completing this model - they loook great towing, and have bags of character.


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Re: Wilga

Post by ian davis » 06 Jul 2018, 08:55

I've no experience of the Wilga but my Feisler Storch is of similar configuration with flaps and leading edge slats.

I'd always wondered how things would go in the event of a dead stick. Well of course it happened and the landing was very straightforward.

As a total aside. When I completed the model and checked my C of G calc. against Dennis Bryant's proposal on the plan there was a significant difference.
Talking to Dennis he assured me that the slat should be excluded from the mainplane chord in the calc and he proved to be correct.


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