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Propeller Feathering

Fans and Thermals.
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Noël Rumers
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Re: Propeller Feathering

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...the hibernation takes its toll, to many times… will take a while before I can start thinking straight again and getting on... :mrgreen:
Hi guys still alive and kicking.
I had two difficult years due to family matters...
And being the new secretary of our club, that was a not such a good idea in the work work…a long story.
But I can see the light at the end of that tunnel now.
I also did start some time ago the makeover from a BUSA 1/3 scale J3 Piper Cub into a Carbon Cub.
The model was given to me by my good friend Jean.
I however decided to change it into a Carbon Cub (CC)…
see under: ... Carbon-Cub
The cowl is now the next thing to do, even more difficult than the Milan one.
When that one will be ready, I will move on to finish the Milan. (while the CC will be in the painting process) I had a look on the Milan this evening... The “Hibernation” fades away...
So just a little time...
Middle Wallop, if the weather would be a bit better than I can see now on the forecast, I will be there!
And thanks for missing me ;)

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