SF33 1/6 scale

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Re: SF33 1/6 scale

Post by Tonyw51 » 05 Jun 2019, 03:09

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your comments, I just feel uncomfortable with the lack of bracing from the attach point through the butt joints. I have covered the the Fin and Horizontal Stabiliser with 0.5mm ply which has added very little weight but it has stiffened the parts and spread the loads. See attached


I am happy with the Du-Bro hinges which have fitted quite well.

Looking forward to your updates.


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Re: SF33 1/6 scale

Post by Peter Balcombe » 05 Jun 2019, 15:17

Just made up a couple of cowl cheeks.
Only a plan view of the cheeks showing internal hollowing out is shown on the plan, so have plumped for 1” height in side view with freehand curves. Balsa block is roughed out then sanded to give outer curves.

I will now Glass the cheeks to give some strength before hollowing out & fixing in place (centreline on the hatch edge!)
(The fuselage will also be glassed to provide a painting surface rather than try to apply film).
Cowl cheek blanks

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