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Tony Solocombe Slingsby T45 electrifying

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Chris V
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Tony Solocombe Slingsby T45 electrifying

Post by Chris V »

I fly from a flat field in Blackpool and my gliders are all electric of the composyte style fron europe. I have for a while had the urge to build a scale glider, access to a tug is really limited and the nearest slope is 25 miles away so really a fan up the front is the only option.

I like the Slingsby T45, it appears to be a relative good first build

Does anybody know of anyone who has put an electric motor with folding prop in one ??? can it be done ???

I know electric motor is a swear word but my options are limited with regard to getting the glider aloft as they say

I have also considered the recent 3.4m Petrel that Chris Williams has done, Sarik have just introduced the wood pack for it

Thanks Chris

Adam C
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Re: Tony Solocombe Slingsby T45 electrifying

Post by Adam C »


Yes it's easy!!

For 3.5m span your looking at a 46 sized brushless, 4 cells and 700watts power if the weight is kept to 10 llbs or less.

Try the xp power range of motors from top model. They have extended shafts and bearings to aid fitting.

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