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Fournier RF5b

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chris williams
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Fournier RF5b

Post by chris williams »

Kevin Routledge sent me some pics of his Fournier RF5b today. Unlike mine, he's done it properly with a retract. ;)
The model awaits its maiden flight...
Fournier F5b 001.JPG
Fournier F5b 002.JPG
Fournier F5b 003.JPG
Fournier F5b 005.JPG
Fournier F5b 007.JPG

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Site Admin
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Re: Fournier RF5b

Post by VinceC »

What a lovely model :mrgreen:

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Noël Rumers
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Re: Fournier RF5b

Post by Noël Rumers »

I like it very much!!
Well done!

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Re: Fournier RF5b

Post by KevinR »

Thanks for the nice remarks!
Model is powered by a PO-5065-420 motor with a 90 amp Opto ESC. Awaiting maiden flight!

luis azevedo
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Re: Fournier RF5b

Post by luis azevedo »

Beautiful model!
What is the scale?
Good new year and good flights ...

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