Fauvel AV36

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Fauvel AV36

Post by FrankS » 01 Apr 2017, 22:18

Well done, it looked really good in the air.

spike spencer
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Re: Fauvel AV36

Post by spike spencer » 03 Apr 2017, 10:11

Nice one, Trevor.
First flight of a tailless design is always a bit tense !
Spike S.

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Re: Fauvel AV36

Post by Trevor » 03 Apr 2017, 14:08

Yes, pitch stability and pitch trim were always going to be the big threats with this one. I think an excess of the former compromised my ability to deal with the latter. However, much better than the other way around!

I've now taken a bit of lead out of the nose and largely eliminated the up aileron from the Butterfly mix so we'll see what the next instalment brings. All being well, I might try to bring it along to the White Sheet meet in a fortnight's time.

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chris williams
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Re: Fauvel AV36

Post by chris williams » 03 Apr 2017, 15:06

Excellent, Trevor: that means we'll still have a tailless glider at White Sheet while the other CW is handing out Easter Eggs...! :D

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