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4.4 meter MDM fox

Let us all watch your new project progress.
roo Hawkins
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by roo Hawkins »

Thanks guys for the kind regards but it is my mistake by skimping on the fittings. So I have to up the game a bit. So I am replaceing the fittings on the dg 800 and the asw 27 ready hopefully for middle wallop .some times you have to learn the hard way. I am not planning to build it again as l want to build something else instead. Simon w Smith did say keep it for a bit and look at it later maybe in a year or two. I am not gutted more p. ..... about my own stupidly. 8 glass gliders in 4 years and the first one not to work. So have to look on the bright side. Roo

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Simon WS
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by Simon WS »

Yes it was horrible to see it in person Roo and it was going at a hell of a lick when the horn broke. As you say, a learning experience - the huge size of the Fox elevator coupled with the speed it can travel at are going to put enormous loads on the horn. Whilst the loads won't be the same on your DG and ASW I think you are absolutely right in replacing them with something more substantial.

RIP Foxy...


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chris williams
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by chris williams »

Bad luck,'s worth remembering that the forces on the control surfaces increase with the square of the airspeed (I read it somewhere)

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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by Antonia »

So sorry to hear of this Roo, been there.... got the tee shirt... my heart goes out to you :(

Hopefully see you at MW this weekend

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terry white
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by terry white »

Hi Roo, takes a man to admit his mistake for all to see. We have all heard "it was radio failure, I was shot down,I was flying some one else' s model, but very few it was my own mistake,I will have to up my game. Respect from me Roo.
See you at M.W. I hope. Ter

John Vella
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by John Vella »

That is not that funny Cliff.

Geoff Pearce
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by Geoff Pearce »

That was not nice, but it did move well before hitting the ground!

Nigel Argall
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by Nigel Argall »

Drew, so, SO sorry to see the demise of the Fox – I don’t expect models to last forever but it is nice to get a few fights in before a ‘major’. My old model shop proprietor used to say ‘there are two sorts of modellers, those that have crashed and those that are going to crash’ – actually I think we are all in the latter category. It is easy to forget when you haven’t had a bad one for a while that nature does not give up flight easily and we are always one weak link away from a crash. Mick Reeves has written models off on the first flight so it can happen to the best. I think the wisdom of putting the broken bits away for a while is commendable – get some distance from the event and you may well feel like resurrecting it. As others have said, well done for your commendable attitude to the whole thing.

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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by jimbo »

Sorry to hear about your crash. It must be a 2018 thing, i put mine in a few weeks ago, flying in a 40mph wind, foxes dont crash lightly, mine is also bad but im going to attempt to repair it, it needs a wing box repair, a new wing tip, new joiner, fuze repairs, new canopy. Whose gonna be the third?

roo Hawkins
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Re: 4.4 meter MDM fox

Post by roo Hawkins »

I have been looking at this egg shell for a few months. I have decided to have a go and rebuild it. The fuz I think I can rebuild. The rudder and tail are OK. But the wings have to be binned. I am fixing the fuz first then I will decide if I want to carry on. It will be at the back of my build pile so may be a long time if it does fly again. I must be mad.

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