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Re: Ikarus Meteor**

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Ikarus Meteor**

Post by BrianF »

I am likely the first builder of the Meteor from Jilles' plans. I was talking to him one day at a fly-in about a work colleague who had a close friend who helped restore one at some time when the region was Yugoslavia. That is when I began to take an interest in building a model of it and I guess so did Jilles look at the challenge of drawing it up. Eventually after some email correspondence he had drawn the plan. I provided what information I could find. Nearly went with 1/4 scale but I ended up requesting 1/3. Jilles, if you don't know, is an absolutely top guy and phenomenal modeller.
I have attached a sample of images I've taken during the build. I'm slowly planking the fuselage at this time. Slow being the operative word, due work and some time off for some surgeries. I have a good stretch of building time coming up soon so will make good progress again. Almost time to start the wings.
Ply covered tail feathers
Ply covered tail feathers
Some careful manufacture will make a very functional skid
Some careful manufacture will make a very functional skid
View from above
View from above
The structure before planking
The structure before planking
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Re: Jilles Smitts Ikarus Meteor

Post by SteveArchibald »

Hey Brian,
I too am building Jilles 1/3 scale so I will definitely be watching yours come together. I see you have the skid already completed. I am going to pick up some aluminium tomorrow so I can get cracking on it and have it installed.

Your looks wonderful thus far and they are both looking very similar, which is a good thing :).

Take it easy Brian and am sure we will chat again soon, especially if something pops up but the drawings and parts have fit beautifully so far.

Kind Regards
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