Cliff Charlesworth Reiher II

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Re: Cliff Charlesworth Reiher II

Post by John Vella » 22 Mar 2019, 16:48

Martin , here are some photos of my K8 Flettner Tab installation. On The K8 the tab is a trim tab operated by the green lever on right side of the cockpit. It works as an antibalance tab ie moving in the same sense as the elevator. It was done to give the less experienced pilots more feel by loading the stick forces and worked very well . On the model it seems to make the elevator response good and progressive. On the Reiher I don't know if it is an antibalance or servo tab system. The trim function from the cockpit used to work but for practicality was later disconnected. Regards John.
Flettner Tab on right elevator
Horn and push rod are aluminium
The rather cramped cockpit, trim on the right.

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