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Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 08:35
by B Sharp
Nice to see you back on track with this build Stephen. Nice workshop by the way - clean and tidy and easy to work in.
Brian. :)

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 11:56
by StephenB
Thanks Brian, I do like to be "organised" - I heard it rumoured that others hereabouts are like minded :lol:

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 15:22
by B Sharp
That would be a certain Mr B Cole I suspect. Strange fellow - doesn't understand the concept of tidy.
Brian :D :D :D

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 17:03
by chris williams
I wonder if we could come up with a formula...i.e. The number of models produced per annum in direct relation to the tidiness of the workshop? :D

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 19:32
by Barry_Cole
I have a feeling that I may be being got at, here.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 22:29
by geoff_crew
Could well be Barry, but I have a feeling it's like water off a ducks back :lol: :lol:


Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 23:31
by Barry_Cole
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Quack Quack

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 08 Nov 2019, 09:35
by B Sharp
Chris, I think we could definitely come up with a relationship to the number of lost tools, servo arms, screws and other bits and pieces that inhabit the bench.
Barry, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a ………….
Brian. :D

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 20 Nov 2019, 12:03
by StephenB
I find I'm spending most days in the workshop now in an effort to move the Breguet toward the finishing line. As ever some days are more productive than others, one day I'm steaming ahead and making swift progress, another day I'm wrestling with a myriad of fiddly jobs and rectifying silly mistakes!

I have completed the second wing, all that remains to be done on both wings is to cut out the aileron and fit the wing tips:


The wing root formers needed a bit of fiddling to get the joiner box and incidence tube accurately placed, these were then epoxied in place:


I realised at this point that I had made the mistake of glueing the incidence tubes in to the wings before lifting the wings off the plan, I couldn't get them to align properly so had to open up the sheeting dig them out, set them up accurately with the wings in place on the fus and re-fix everything. Finally all was ok and the wings fit nicely on the fus:

I've started on the planking/sheeting and the finished wings can be offered up to fabricate the wing root aperture and upper wing fairing which will support curved sheet balsa to blend the upper coaming in to the wing:

I've still to figure out how to blend the wing fairing, upper sheeting and reaar fusealge/tail boom together, once I've resolved that conundrum I can finish the upper planking and remove the fus from the jig. Now that really will feel like progress!

Re: Breguet Fauvette

Posted: 22 Nov 2019, 18:09
by StephenB
Bit the bullet and commenced work on the upper coaming, the plan suggests that this should be done in one piece of 1/8' balsa sheet, either side of the upper longeron. I first tried to gauge the shape I'd need to cut with paper, then moved on to a card template before trialling it with a piece of 1/16" balsa.


Despite soaking the 1/8" sheet in water I couldn't get it to follow the double curvature and the "flare" as it joins the wing root, so decided to tackle it in smaller pieces, 3" sheet wasn't wide enough to cover the depth of the coaming anyway so I had to continue with planking on the upper section. Doing it in bite size chunks got the job done fairly quickly, using cyano to help hold the curved sheet in place and bonding with PVA:


In between drying times I fashioned a ply nose former to carry the Hobby KIng sourced tow release:


Some cockpit detail has also been added: