C.O.G Calculator

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C.O.G Calculator

Post by Jilles » 23 Apr 2019, 05:22

There are on a regular basis question of where the C.O.G of a model should be on the forum. Below a link to a free on-line calculator. many wing types to choose from. I have used this for all my gliders and it works. Enter the dimensions of your model as shown in the list. Older guys can use imperial dimensions
the only variable input is the static margin. This should be between 5 to 15% I prefer 10% and in general I do not change anything after the maiden.
I have seen to many models from others come to grief because of an incorrect C.O.G location. Most of the times to far aft because one seems to be reluctant to add weight in the nose.
the 30% of wing chord rule has its risks, it does not take into account the shape of the wing and area/distance of the horizontal tail plane . This calculator does it for you


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