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French Fafnir at 1/2.5 SCale

Posted: 26 May 2019, 21:00
by Philippe Lamisse
Hello all of you.

THe work on my new project has started. Writing in English is very hard for me. My school lesson's are so far ...

My first project was to build the Fafnir based on Vince's plan. But I wanted a bigger one, at 1/2.5 scale. So, my first work is now to make a new design with Solidworks software. The outlines of this design are from Vinces plan. This is my work on the fuselage for the moment.
Modelage fuselage-2.JPG
For someone who knows "Retroplane", I'm Clifton on this site.

Re: French Fafnir at 1/2.5 SCale

Posted: 26 May 2019, 22:36
by Martin Gough
Phillipe a very interesting project
please keep us informed your progress.

Regards Martin.

Re: French Fafnir at 1/2.5 SCale

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 16:42
by Philippe Lamisse

I have made a mistake. I think this post isn't in the good part of the forum. I think it must be in the part "Build Threads", I'm sorry. Perhaps the admin can make the transfer to the right place.

Some progress on my Fafnir. The model 3D is finished for the outer form. I have began to make the design of the structure for the elevators. Now I'm working on the wing's structure.


Re: French Fafnir at 1.2.5 scale

Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 21:44
by Philippe Lamisse
Many Thanks for the move of all my posts.