Scratch Built ASW17 1/3 Scale

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Peter Balcombe
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Re: Scratch Built ASW17 1/3 Scale

Post by Peter Balcombe » 03 Sep 2019, 16:35

Well done Chris.
Build looks to be giving Roo a run for his money 😀
Good to see you at the weekend at the Okehampton aerotow.

Chris Bowles
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Re: Scratch Built ASW17 1/3 Scale

Post by Chris Bowles » 03 Sep 2019, 17:14

Thanks Peter, enjoyed Sunday at Okehampton, nice to see you also, have fixed the 15 after my tree trimming, having checked the plane over, new outer wing joiner, and repair the winglets, lucky to get away with such little damage, shows how strong the design is

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