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Jilles Smitts Petrel

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Jilles Smitts Petrel

Post by jack » 22 Aug 2019, 19:46

Ok people,the bench(s) are clear and work on the Petrel is about to commence ;) ;) ;) let me just say that there is LOT of work here :roll: :roll: so l am aiming for a first flight in spring next year,pictures WILL be posted regularly,along with brief comments.....following a slight wing joiner problem the maiden of the B4 got pushed back,so weather permitting that event will happen next month at Middle Wallop,hopefully Mr Greenfield will be on hand to do the honours :twisted: :twisted: ....thats it for now,more soon!!

Jolly Roger
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Re: Jilles Smitts Petrel

Post by Jolly Roger » 22 Aug 2019, 23:19

That's exciting news about the Petrel, Jack. I'm subscribed!

Also good luck with the B4 maiden.


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Cliff Evans
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Re: Jilles Smitts Petrel

Post by Cliff Evans » 15 Sep 2019, 23:39

Jack has started the build, he has sent me some photos to put up for him.


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Re: Jilles Smitts Petrel

Post by jack » 16 Sep 2019, 15:09

hi all,thanks to cliff for posting the photos,as you can see the petrel build is now underway,l have chosen the AMT version,simply because it looks pretty!....cliffs cutting is excellent as usual,l am working on the fuz/tail/wing at the same time to speed things up a bit,l fitted hold down blocks to the wing jig as can be seen,the jig is set up for the port needs to be reversed for the starboard wing,l have chosen to use carbon sheet for the amt crank,together with carbon tubes and rod,purely personal preference,saves a couple of grams in the tail,there are no problems with the build,but there IS a lot of alignment to be checked,cliffs cutting does most of it but it cant do it all, :) :) :) ,something that isnt in the photos is the small support blocks l fitted to the top of the jig..l used these to support the lower main spar in conjunction with tie wraps to secure said spar to the jig to get the correct Gull curve... l suppose tape would work just as well.....l plan on doing monthly updates from here on,these will be mainly pictures,but if l come across anything untoward( ;) ;) ) l will of course explain(l pause here for the sceams of outrage to subside :twisted: :twisted: )so,all well and enjoying the build,back at the end of the month!!

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