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PIK-5 1/3 Scale

Posted: 24 Oct 2019, 16:06
by Roger-Spragg
For a while now Frank Skilbeck and I have been working on a 1/3 scale scratch build of this Finnish Glider.
We've been putting it together in the Newent Model Club room, and as we only meet there two evenings a week in the winter and one in the summer progress has been far from rapid. However we have now reached a milestone, the first assembly of the major elements of the airframe.
We chose the Pik-5 because as many of you will know we like model gliders that are a bit unusual and that we have not seen modelled or at least modelled widely before and that can be a bit problematical from a construction standpoint. We like a challenge!
So here are a few photo's. The wings are near complete, birch veneer over balsa, and yes there is a fair amount of structural wire to keep that fuz straight!
Model RoomF.jpg
Model Room3 7oct19.jpg

Re: PIK-5 1/3 Scale

Posted: 10 Jun 2020, 18:05
by Roger-Spragg
And finally completed and ready to go. Just not sure when.......