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1/4 scale T-21 CW

Let us all watch your new project progress.
Dave still
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Re: 1/4 scale T-21 CW

Post by Dave still »

I'll follow I'm looking to build a scale ship for next year not sure which to go for.
Can I ask what flying experience you have? I've only flown small flat field stuff and going to learn to slope fly this year and got 3 models to go through. Then maybe a scale build next winter.


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Re: 1/4 scale T-21 CW

Post by SedB »

Thanks for your comments! Yes, I'll do my best to keep the aft as light as possible (scraping of glue residue, but doubt that will make the difference :D ).

My flying experience is 3 years with motorized gliders (up to 4meters span) and planes up to 3meters. Too I did some slope soaring.
I'll be building tow hook into this one so I can use it both on the field and slope. I haven't figured out where to put the tow hook yet. Looking at reference pictures it seems that the T21 had this installed on different locations (or the pics are misleading me).
I think I'll end up installing it next to the skid, on the belly of the glider.


Starting with the tail section, here ribs 2 and 4 seem somewhat short:


And while stuff is drying I started on the rudder too:



Next time I think I will as a small ramp (is that correct English?) instead of building these curved parts on the plan. Haven't always figured out what the best technique for building straight..


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chris williams
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Re: 1/4 scale T-21 CW

Post by chris williams »

I usually do rudders like this...

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