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Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

Post by BrianF »

Got to see the finished uncovered fuselage last night, very nicely built. Looking forward to seeing it covered Jilles.
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Re: Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

Post by Jilles »

The L.H. wing is well underway a support for the TE was setup. ribs in place and top spar fitted. Between the main ribs in the D-box is just foam for the 1.5mm balsa planking support. This works form better than half ribs. Foam blocks are cut into shape with a foam cutter with the ribs as guide. Weight is not an issue compared to balsa half ribs
The TE cross section is a sandwich or 1.5mm balsa at the bottom. a chamfer 10 mm at the rear edge. a 10x0.5mm carbon strip at the rear edge, an ex 3mm balsa core and 1.5mm balsa top..Cost a bit of time but compared to the total build time not an issue
In my view it has the following advantages, the TE stay straight, it is stiff and dent proof.
pictures and TE cross section attached
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