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Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

Post by Jilles »

attached some picturesof the current progress. Fuselage has been painted. The wings are covered to be prepared for painting. Canopy glued to the canopy frame
I have two 3d printed nose options
One for pure glider and one for a folding prop. Both options can be towed. With the prop I can take off from a dolly
The motor and the lipo battery stay always in the glider as part of the ballast. The pure glider nose has some ballast added to make it the same weight as the folding prop option.
The tube on the glider nose around the motor shaft is actually to scale. On the full scale it is the pickup tube for the dynamic pressure to be connected to the speedometer.
The motor is programmed so that it cannot run when the tow release is closed. When the line is released it will take 2-3 second for the motor to run. Just to make sure I do not wind the tow line around the prop. Curtesy to programming a Taranis TX

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Re: Schleicher K8 Built by Jilles

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That looks B****y lovely Jilles.
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