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Airworld ASW 15

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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alexis scott
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Airworld ASW 15

Post by alexis scott »

I recently purchased an airworld 1/3 Asw15 and while I'm waiting for materials for my Ask 13 project I thought I'd get a jump start on the 15, as I'm basing mine on a full size a friend of mine restored I've had to do the same mod he did to the canopy which involves mounting hinges and release mechanism as the standard ASW 15 usually just has a lift off canopy I wont bore you with a lot more of the standard servo mounting and formervgluing of building an Airwold mouldy but thought the mods might be of interest

John Vella
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Re: Airworld ASW 15

Post by John Vella »

Alexis, I would be interested in your ASW15 build as I have been flying an Airworld ASW15 for some 4 years and it is a Great flyer off the slope and aerotow. Although no light weight at 9 kilos with all that wing area it soars very well in light conditions. Airworld seem to produce a robust airframe at a reasonable price. I am the 5th owner of OK-0507 and it has been well used. Good luck with your build. Regards John.

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