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Scheibe Spatz

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Re: Scheibe Spatz

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Further progress on the Spatz, the noseblock had another dose of filler and a severe sanding to achieve the correct profile. A Multiplex tow release was then epoxied in along with a snake outer to take the piano wire to the servo:


I then started on the canopy frame, building from 4mm brass tube and piano wire soldered up in situ to follow the contours of the cockpit after first soldering in place two brass hinges. It was a little tricky to begin with ........


....... but as the frame developed it became more stable and less problematic when the iron was not so close to another joint:


Finally I had a completed frame:


The two top rails were attached to the finished lower part of the framework using brass saddles wrapped around the piano wire, inserted in the tube to give a solid dry fit and then soldered up:


A small brass plate was drilled, offered up to the previously installed canopy catch and soldered to the front rail to complete the framework and now ready for painting and glazing:


Meanwhile I've stripped everything I can out of the nose whilst I ponder on how to keep the weight down and achieve the correct CoG without adding tail weight!

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