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Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Max Wright
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Re: Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.

Post by Max Wright »

OK. I'm at one of those spots which is taking a bit of thinking - so now you know why it's taking so long. :lol:

I've set my frames up on my Robbie Bridson jig and cut my upper "keel" as Cliff calls it. I think boaties might call it a king plank. Anyway, It's 19 mm at the front and 6 mm at the rear according to the instructions.

No problems so far - however there is a bit of a one when I try to add it to the tops of the frames . . .

T-61A 81.JPG
T-61A 82.JPG

I've double and triple checked the locations of the frames on the jig. In any case, the locations of frames 3,4 and 5 are predetermined by the tabs. So I'm nearly convinced that I'm going to have to "adjust" either the plank or the frames. I think that I'll opt for cutting out the notches in the frames as they have more meat.

I'll allow time for comments before I commence the surgery. :D :?

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Cliff Evans
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Re: Falke T-61A Cliff Charlesworth Plans.

Post by Cliff Evans »

I would notch the keel rather than extend the notches in the formers. If you do it that way it will lock the formers in position. And it is called a "keel" because it is not a boat! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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