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Re: Battery backer

Post by Antonia » 07 Jun 2019, 08:29

Hi Rog,
Have you ever thought about magnetic switches? Just to throw another idea out there....
Mel and I have used Jeti - ... ath=46_108
T9's Hall switches -
to good effect, on our larger models, and they have no moving contacts to wear and fail, and with the Jeti main switches you can control both high voltage motor and receiver/servo circuits at the same time with a ESC with a energising switch function, expensive yes, but they work well for me, but just call me "a Jeti fan girl!..." sorry for crashing the party :oops: ...
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Peter Balcombe
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Re: Battery backer

Post by Peter Balcombe » 07 Jun 2019, 09:53

Thanks Antonia - a good alternative, albeit at a price as you say.

Roger, unfortunately I don’t have any specific component in mind as I have not used anything heavier than the heavy duty charge point slide switches in models I have built so far.

It depends how many servos you are expecting to cope with, but you are probably looking at reliably switching up to 8-10A to be safe with a large model with lots of high power servos.
There are some heavy duty double pole slide switches out there, but I think most tend to be rated at <5A, so you need to check the specifications for each carefully.
Miniature toggle switches are also usually limited to 6A @ 28V, so you are probably looking at standard size toggle switches to get 8A or more. Toggle switches also tend to have silver or gold plated contacts which is better than plain brass.

There are so many different switches out there, so you have to be able to look at the specifications to see what each are capable of. Unfortunately, many modelling suppliers just sell “switches” or “heavy duty switches” without identifying actual current ratings. You often tend to have to go to an electronic component supplier to get specifications. Note that you need to look at the low volts DC rating, not the 240v AC rating.

Jolly Roger
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Re: Battery backer

Post by Jolly Roger » 08 Jun 2019, 14:49

Thanks Peter and Antonia.

Those switches look nice but as my main aim is reliability I think I'll stick with directly plugging the batteries into the receiver (via diodes). This minimises connections and component count.

It is a bit fiddlier than switches every time I want to fly, but the first models I'm converting to 2.4 are all large with accessible receivers - even my big hands fit.

When I get round to my smaller models where space is tight, I may try the T9 switches Antonia mentioned - they have a nice battery backer function too.

Thanks again.

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