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Battery choice!

Discussion about Tx, Rx, Servo's, Batteries, Chargers, and all the other things we like to talk about..
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Re: Battery choice!

Post by geoff_crew »

To simplify things Steven, connecting 2NIMH batteries each with a diode will not increase the voltage, that stays at 5.5 volts, it's the capacity that doubles up I.e. 2300 man to 4600 man.
Hope that helps

aka Motley
Stephen Portelli
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Re: Battery choice!

Post by Stephen Portelli »

Thanks Geoff, Peter & Rob,

Really appreciate your help and it now makes perfect sense. Cheap insurance and redundancy I think, given the low cost of NMH these days. I was just
concerned about risking/shorting a new Spectrum RX (AUD145.00) given the cost.
Now just need to worry about pilot error!

cheers and soft landings
Elliot Howells
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Re: Battery choice!

Post by Elliot Howells »

I really don't understand why anyone would use nimh these days, lipos are a bit of a faff, but they don't sag under load and you know exactly where you are with them.

I have never had power/ rx issues since I started with dual lipos/ jeti maxBec setups, and no black wire either....

Phill Tadman
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Re: Battery choice!

Post by Phill Tadman »

Jeti do a very nice and cheap solution for 2 separate power supplies to the receiver with diode separation ... cts_id=553
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