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Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 31 Jan 2019, 12:28
by Howard wise
Great news to see a GPS training weekend, I have already booked a room for the night so please put my name down :)

Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 14 Mar 2019, 16:06
by john greenfield
I am pleased to advise that there is a healthy interest in the training day and competition. We already have a couple of entries from European pilots and I am sure their help and experience will be very useful to anyone wanting to learn about GPS racing. There is also a pleasing number of UK pilots who have expressed an interest.
I have now confirmed the loan of 9 sets of the RC-Electronics T3000 kit that will already be loaded with all the info you need to fly the course. All you will need to supply is a standard extension lead in your model, preferable plugged into a spare channel of your receiver or if you do not have a spare channel it can be "Y" leaded into the receiver battery supply. The airborne part of the kit is about the size and weight of an OXO cube so should fit in any model
I have prepared a long article which will be published in RCM&E in May that will explain more about GPS flying for those who do not already know about it.
Put the dates in your diary 29 / 30th June at Baldock, Hertfordshire.
Camping available all weekend for those wanting to stay over.

John (AEB)

Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 26 May 2019, 23:25
by Paul Chisholm
Hi John,

I am coming 1200miles to attend look for ward to the discussions on the T3000 systems :)
Paul Chisholm
New Zealand

Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 14:51
by john greenfield
A final reminder of the GPS Triangle training event this weekend at Baldock. We have already had a good response to this event but everyone is welcome to come and have a go or just turn up to listen to the ground school training and watch.
The flying field is off Warren Lane, Baldock and the first ground school lecture will start at 10.00am followed by a demonstration of course flying before attendees pair up and have a go under the guidance of experienced GPS flyers. Further lectures will take place during the day, each followed by a chance to put the information into practice.
The club has organised a BBQ each day to keep you fed and flush toilets are on site.
Camping is available on Fri and Sat night by prior arrangement so if you would like to camp either night please contact John on 07710 924721 or PM him.
On Sunday morning there will be the chance of more practice flying and a final training lecture on the finer points of competition flying before a fun competition running late morning and through the afternoon.
The loan GPS kit has arrived and been programmed for the Baldock course. If you would like to use one of the loan sets please ensure you have a normal servo extension lead plugged into a spare channel or on a "Y" lead from your receiver battery that will reach as far as the cockpit of your model. Help will, of course, be available to help fit the tiny lightweight kit into your model. If you already have your own GPS Kit, you are of course welcome to use it and advice will be available to get the best from it
There will be a charge of £10 per day for each attendee to cover the ground school, flight training and advice from expert GPS flyers, this also covers the use of loan GPS kit is required.
See you there?


Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 15:35
by SP250
Thanks to John Greenfield and Bernie Jones for a great weekend and for bringing over Andre and Ben so we could benefit from their experience.

I learnt a lot from it and it was a pleasure meeting up with like minded people all willing to help each other out.
Special thanks also to Simon Thornton and Howard Wise for their trimming advice which made flying the Thermik much easier.

Weather was superb for the weekend and hopefully with the new sport class, many more people will have a go and get hooked.
Look forward to seeing some pics if anyone has some to post up.

John M

Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 22:56
by Howard wise
Another great weekend flying, Well done to John M for winning the comp. on Sunday.
As always a huge thank you to the AEB. for all his time and enthusiasm in organising and running the weekend, plus co-ordinating the guests with Bernie
A lot learnt and enjoyed by all :D :D

Re: GPS Triangle training weekend and light competition 29 / 30 June 2019

Posted: 02 Jul 2019, 00:09
by simon_t
Agree with all comments. Was a different and very enjoyable weekend, with excellent tutorials from John with inputs from Benjamin and Andre. Negligible thermals on Saturday was probably good as it meant we focused on flying the triangle rather than be distracted with looking for lift. The day ended with a meat feast barbecue which went down well.

Sunday was very different - almost opposite direction strong wind and with powerful thermals. I was chuffed in the first round of the contest to fly out the full. Half hour, but I got the ratio of thermalling to moving around the triangle wrong, and was behind on laps compared to the experienced guys I shared the slot with. The model was going well though, and did one or two fast laps with the accumulated height.

I was teamed with John Minchell for the contest, and we seemed to work pretty well together. John had a bumpy start on the Saturday, as the model (and John) had done little recent flying, but once the model was trimmed out it was going very well. On Sunday John exceeded his personal expectations, and it was great watching him outfly himself, resulting in a a great victory.

So thanks to all, including Maurice for organising lunchtime food, and the NMFC for providing such a fantastic field and facilities.