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Glider type

Posted: 30 May 2019, 09:38
by paulj
Out of interest, is GPS something normally done with high performance glass models, or is there also a class for vintage gliders? The videos I have found all seem to feature big glass scale models.

Re: Glider type

Posted: 31 May 2019, 00:31
by Howard wise
John Greenfield has written a good article in the latest BMFA News. In the article he explains there are 3 classes Sports,, less than 5m and up to 7kg with an electric motor flying a smaller course. 1/3 Scale class, aero-towed to start and open class up to 25kg, any scale must have self launch from ground.
The task runs for 30 mins. with a start height of 400 meters. It is very easy to lose 200m on one lap, so the better the performance, the better the chance you have of completing more laps, that is why all the gliders are high performance glass models.

Re: Glider type

Posted: 31 May 2019, 09:11
by john greenfield
Hi Paul

As Howard says, I have done an article in BMFA News and also last months RCM&E explaining the 3 classes there are in GPS Triangle racing. There is no reason why a wood built up model built to the appropriate class could not be competitive but as there are so few builders who build now compared to the past, it is inevitable that most of the models you see in GPS racing, and on the local club field, are commercially produced items.
There is no specific class for vintage models, it has been talked about in the past but it is felt that we would just end up with vintage shape models with modern wing sections just like the models flown in the other classes.
Come along to Baldock on 29 / 30th June to the GPS Sport Class Triangle Racing training weekend to learn more and ask all the questions you want and see the models in action. I know of one group who are developing their own design wood built model for the sport class and it will be interesting to see how it performs once finished.


Re: Glider type

Posted: 05 Jun 2019, 22:34
by paulj
Thanks for the replies gentlemen - much appreciated! I won't be able to come over at the end of June (still working in Brussels then), but I will have a look at some time in the not too distant future!