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Milson Airstrip 2018

The place discuss or announce scale soaring events in the UK.
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by RobbieB »

Certainly echo that - such hard working tug pilot and baker. A big thanks Ray and Mandy.

Time to put pressure on for the next New Year's honours list me thinks!

Ah, marital bliss......
Ah, marital bliss......

Geoff Pearce
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by Geoff Pearce »

Just brilliant, what a venue......

Thanks to Ray Mandy and Chris for hosting the event.

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terry white
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by terry white »

I echo all that's been said before, and would like to add that this was about as friendly a weekend as one can get.
There was no shouting from the organizer if things did not go his way, no making someone look small in front of his piers when things didn't go too well for him (haven't we all been there?). In my many years of experience I have had the good fortune to attend many flying meetings. I would say that this one ran by Ray was the friendliest most professionally organized yet.
Well done Ray, and thanks to Chris for giving us the use of his land, Mandy for the delicious bakes that came round every morning and afternoon. Thank too to my close friends who lugged my planes about as well as their own, as I was somewhat incapacitated with a gammy leg and- oh! and thanks to all who helped retrieve my 1/4 scale ASW28 from that bl--dy tree.!! Ter.

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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by simon_t »

Cliff Evans wrote:
25 Jun 2018, 17:56
hopefully next time!
And me!


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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by catwok »

Thanks Ray and Mandy for a great weekend, it just goes too quick! And I've run out of after sun ;)

Richard Onslow
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by Richard Onslow »

Gutted I couldn't come this year, especially after reading these posts. Family probs and hay making! Hope to be there in September.

Mark Richards
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by Mark Richards »

Thanks to Ray for organising another fantastic weekend at Milson and also to Mandy for the lovely pastries and cakes.
Chris and Pat made us all welcome and had everything prepared perfectly, so many thanks to them once again.
Mark and Caroline

John Watkins
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by John Watkins »

Hi Milson Glider Friends,

What a great weekend although Pam & I were only able to come on the Sunday, probably the best day.
Thanks so very much for Mandy's splendid cookies, a really nice addition to a perfect day..
Lets hope the Sept do is as good

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Ray Watts
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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by Ray Watts »

Mandy and I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments, on what was the best Milson yet. True we did have one big downer on the Saturday evening when I lost the Wilga, but at the end of the day, that is model flying and it happens. Other than that the weather was perfect and Chris had done an amazing job of prepping the site, especially considering that only the week before, the grass was still a foot high and growing for silage.

Chris and Pat are amazing hosts who love us being there (and all their family and friends at the same time for that matter) and cannot do more for us. That combined with the fact that the attendees all get on well together make it such a happy and calm atmosphere. In fact some people hardly flew, preferring to just sit in the sun and enjoy the ambience. We had 4 or 5 new attendees this time and they fitted in well and seemed to enjoy it, which is nice, for without all you people getting on together, my job would be harder. In fact I don't really have a job other than arranging the dates.

We both had the best weekend and were truly saddened to have to come home, even though we were last to leave, and Chris told me to make sure we keep coming back (even one of the neighbours came round from their farm as a family to see what was going on and loved it).

Many thanks guys and gals and roll on September

Ray and Mandy
It's always calmer indoors :D

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Re: Milson Airstrip 2018

Post by MarkDev »

Only problem is Ray, I couldn't get there, nevermind, 'next year!' Well done.


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