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BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by Biggles »

This looks good.
Count me in. I am happy on either end of the tow rope, though not at the same time...


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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by Bendywings »

Hallo Rob,

Thank you for the idea and initiative. For myself it's rather too far to travel from Hampshire for just one day, if the meeting could be extended to two days I would be very interested, with a 5KW Viper electric tug.

Just a thought - looking at the map Dishforth is very close to the A1(M). I've flown at meetings on the continent held close to motorways, and after some incidents measures had to be taken to stop models overflying the carriageways, either by imposing a no-fly zone or positioning a man with flag and loudhailer to indicate any transgressions...!

Chris G

John Mcnamara
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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by John Mcnamara »

Hi Rob,
Really glad to hear about this innitiative for Dishforth as I put it forward as one idea for the BMFA to better utilise, what the Northern area are paying for. There are large grassy areas but they are not normally cut. They get cut by local farm contractors at the end of the season and right now the grass is about 3-4 inches high. Still quite long for tugs and gliders alike. However there are two large usable runways. Glider pilots would need to bear in mind that any scrapping of wingtips or skids on the runways is a battle that the runway will always win, so precautions need to be taken. It may be possible to cut an are of grass for operations near the intesection, but we would need permissions and someone would have to go and do it.
At the moment there are 3 groups flying there. The Harrogate club, the BMFA and the Jet club. I am a member of the latter, hence I know about the site.
As for overflying the A1, it is highly unlikely if the event is properly run. We jet flyers often fly from the North-South runway which is parallel and close to the A1. We fly facing east and use the eastern edge of the runway as the deadline, behind which no flying can occur, except for take offs and landings. If flying were from the intersection of the other two runways then the A1 is a long way away. We never fly without a spotter and if we are "transgressing" we will quickly get the word in our lug hole.
I look forward to it.


George Gosbee
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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by George Gosbee »

Very interested I,m always on the back end.
West York's.

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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by ChrisV »

Interested too,

Euan Galloway
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Re: BMFA Northern Area Dishforth aerotow 2020

Post by Euan Galloway »

Rob good idea Iam sure Eden Valley members will attend
Cheers Euan

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