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South Cerney

The place discuss or announce scale soaring events in the UK.
john greenfield
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South Cerney

Post by john greenfield »

Hi All

Since Ray posted that he was going to hold Millson on the weekend we had been offered for the aerotow at South Cerney I have been talking to the airfield authorities to see if they can offer another date. The only one available is the weekend before, 13/14 June. This clashes on the Sunday with one of the White Sheet scale meetings. I have spoken with Chris Williams about the clash but he thinks it will work to have both running on the Sunday as many of the slope flyers do not attend aerotow meetings.

I now need to do a quick poll to ask the aerotow community what they want to do. The options seem to be:-

1) Keep it on the 19/20 June and clash with Millson
2) Move it to 13/14 June and clash with Whits Sheet on the Sunday
3) Cancel the event to avoid any clashes.

I have to make a decision by the end of the week, assuming no other activity using South Cerney asks for that weekend during this week.
Please post your option and ask all your aerotow friends who may not regularly look at SSUK to post their preferred option before the end of the week.

The Ghost Squadron
AEB = Aeronautical Energiser Bunny (with thanks to CW)

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ian davis
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Re: South Cerney

Post by ian davis »

Hi John

Given the possibility that South Cerney could potentially replace MW I don't think this is a good time to mess them about by changing the original date.

Best regards

Ian ;)

harry curzon
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Re: South Cerney

Post by harry curzon »

I am coming to cerney to support the new event whenever it happens. Just please don't cancel, we really do appreciate the effort that all event organisers make on our behalf.

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Re: South Cerney

Post by jack »

South Cerney is a great replacement for MW,l feel it should get all the support possible and become the confirmed replacement for MW :D :D :D

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Peter Balcombe
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Re: South Cerney

Post by Peter Balcombe »

I certainly hope to be able to support the new South Cerney event whenever it is held.

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Re: South Cerney

Post by simon_t »

I would like to attend both, so I support the date move - please don’t cancel as its just an unfortunate clash that won’t occur next year.


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Re: South Cerney

Post by Antonia »

Mel and I would be happy to attend whichever date is decided upon.
As to the politics we don’t want to get drawn into much, in our view we need as many meetings as possible to get the most use of our oversized models as our own club is not suitable to fly from.
Whatever is decided we will be there :D

George Gosbee
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Re: South Cerney

Post by George Gosbee »

We will come to South Cerney whatever date is decided. Its near enough to Martins house to not have to bring the caravan.


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terry white
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Re: South Cerney

Post by terry white »

Cliff, what has happened to the poll and the earlier posts? my computer cant seem to find them!!!

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Re: South Cerney

Post by Barry_Cole »

terry white wrote:
30 Jan 2020, 18:53
Cliff, what has happened to the poll and the earlier posts? my computer cant seem to find them!!!
Yer tiz:-



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