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Buckminster Aerotows 2021

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B Sharp
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Re: Buckminster Aerotows 2021

Post by B Sharp »

Thanks once again to the Ghosties for immaculate running of the event and also to Manny for a superbly prepared site. I had a fabulous weekend of flying having had 22 tows and a matching set on landings. The lift on Sunday was excellent carrying my aircraft up to 600m at one point before I managed to escape to a patch of sink.
It was lovely to see all of my friends once again and the banter was awesome.
I have just arrived safely home (Monday 3.35pm) very tired but eager to do it all again in 2022.
Thanks to everyone for a FanDabbyDozzy weekend (look up the Krankies).
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Re: Buckminster Aerotows 2021

Post by simon_t »

B Sharp wrote: 06 Sep 2021, 18:13
I had a fabulous weekend of flying having had 22 tows and a matching set on landings….

I thought it was 21 landings and one ‘splat’ (according to the wheel on your B4) :lol:

But seriously, what a great weekend we just had at Buckminster. Both days had great flying, and although I noticed a broken servo gear when putting together my DG600, forcing me to fly my old Flair K-8 all weekend, it flew well, thermalled well and went a long way downwind and even came back. In between the long thermal flights was a bit of tugging, great fun as well.

Highlight of the weekend for me was seeing two new (to aerotowing) pilots not only getting their maiden aerotow flights in, but going on to have a load more flights and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Well done Robin & Mike - you both had lovely models that flew well (can’t beat a good Chris Williams design). Hopefully we’ll see you back for future events.

As Brian said, there was a great group of pilots, and the banter was really good.

So thanks again to all the Ghost Squadron helpers & tug pilots, and Manny for giving up some full size gliding to be there. Looking forward to Buckminster next season, and seeing even more pilots attending.

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