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David Alchin
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Post by David Alchin » 05 Dec 2018, 13:12

My name is David Alchin a fellow Brit born raised in London ions ago. In 1980 I flew to the USA for a visit and have been here ever since. I lived the first 33 years in California so I consider my self a Californian, however 3 years ago my wife two cats and I, drove across country for 5 days until arriving in Ocala Florida where we moved into a gated community for crotchety old folk with a dedicated flying site with a 600ft grass runway, I am one of 3 glider nuts out of 158 members as such they gave me the Nome de Plume Da Glider Guy which stuck that when I compete in ALES that's who I'm recognized as.

Some of you may recall my name before the demise of QFI Chris Williams featured a model that I built a fellow club member John Raley did the design and I built most of two models John made a plug for the pod and I finished preparing it for the mold my model faithfully followed the original both in construction and the metal fabrication of the wing mounting and the tail mounting including the fittings. The owner Earl Menefee a NASSA engineer drew the 3 views of a Hawley Boulus "Super Albatross" this was Any information will be gratefully a California sailplane that Sears Roebuck sold in affordable sections as a self build.

My last model a Chris William design the "Rhonadler" 1/3 scale is finished but un painted, my next project was to be the "Moswey lll" I have the plans a short kit and canopy but do not have the skills to build without guidance, I was given a link to the build log of I believe the designers builder but for me the pictures are of poor quality with little dialog, does any one have a good source for a build log I know there have been a number of these models built.
Any information would be greatly appreciated

Da Glider Guy

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Cliff Evans
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Post by Cliff Evans » 05 Dec 2018, 16:51

Welcome to the forum. The only build of the Moswey that I know of is the one you can find here under the build threads.

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